About Us

Japanese Weekend All Natural Soaps


Welcome! I am Irina. When I started Japanese Weekend I really wanted to be as transparent as possible and not just offer flashy headlines instead of substance. I chose every part of our process, from freshest 100% natural and pure ingredients to how my products are made – with utmost love and care for your health and safety.

I discovered quickly that to create a high-quality luxury product that lasts it wasn’t just a matter of cost but is was a matter of time. I really work hard to create beautiful, gentle on the skin and good for the planet sustainable products that you can feel great about using, from head to toe and for your whole family.

Beyond that, I wanted to find a community of people that cared about where and how their skincare products were being made and said no to using toxic chemicals that are harmful to their health and our planet. I am so fortunate to have found you and I am so glad you’re here!